Barstool Sports Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary Awards Show

Barstool Sports Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary Awards Show

Barstool Sports is a media and entertainment brand that thrives on its unmuzzled nature. The website boasts of a robust social media following and hosts events like the “one chew pizza review” competition.

This year at the House of Blues Boston, the company will celebrate its 20th anniversary with a star-studded awards show.

Barstool Sports Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary Awards Show
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Over the past 20 years, Barstool Sports has grown from a paper route to a media giant with 500 employees and countless memories. The company beloved by its cult-like audience, dubbed “Stoolies,” for its scores of podcasts and social media series that cover topics from comedy to sports to sex with an unpolished, irreverent touch. They also produce live events like a one-bite pizza festival, golf tournaments and Rough and Rowdy, where amateur boxers battle each other in front of roaring crowds.

Its founder, Dave Portnoy, remains a polarizing figure who’s as loved by his audience as he loathed in media circles. He recently held one of his signature “emergency press conferences” to announce that he had repurchased the company, which previously owned by Penn Entertainment. He says he will never sell the company again. Also plans to launch a sports book with ESPN and promises not to muzzle his team the way the NFL does or state gambling regulators do.

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Barstool Sports has built a rabid following of “Stoolies” with scores of podcasts and social media series that cover everything from sports to sex to food with an unpolished, irreverent touch. They also sell merchandise and host events like their upcoming “One Bite” pizza festival and golf tournaments, as well as amateur boxing matches called Rough and Rowdy.

The company is expanding its reach into college athletes with a new platform called TwoYay, which gives brands direct access to nano, micro and mega influencers. And it has just launched its first product outside the US, a peer-to-peer marketplace for college sports that’s expected to expand to other markets.

It’s been 20 years since Barstool started with a paper route and has grown to 500 employees and an empire that extends across several industries. And despite the many obstacles it has faced, the media giant continues to thrive. Those successes will be celebrated at a special awards event in Boston this evening.

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The ever-evolving sports media giant is celebrating two decades of growth with a star-studded event tonight at the House of Blues in Boston. With a growing roster of 500 dedicated employees, Barstool has carved out its own unique niche in the world of sports and pop culture.

Barstool’s Founder Dave Portnoy is hosting the awards extravaganza, and most of the company’s biggest personalities will be in attendance. From the satirical Dan Katz (aka Big Cat) to Pardon My Take host Kayce Smith, the talent pool is deep for this rapidly expanding brand.

Sam “Riggs” Bozoian is the lead analyst for Barstool’s golf coverage, Fore Play, and is in the booth for this week’s NV5 Invitational. He locks eyes with Francis Ellis, a stand-up comedian and Barstool regular, who penciled in to join Riggs and play-by-play man Jake Marsh on the 18th hole tower. But a quick production meeting has changed the plans. It’s a good thing, because the group’s chemistry is off to a great start.

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The company’s success over the past 20 years has fueled by its dedicated employees. The annual awards show a chance for them to recognized and celebrated.

It’s a rare moment in the company history when everyone will be together under one roof. The Barstool Sports 20th Anniversary Awards will be held on Wednesday at the House of Blues in Boston.

Dave Portnoy, the man who essentially invented internet pugillism, will be in attendance along with many of the company’s biggest personalities.

Portnoy’s list of foes runs the gamut from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to MSG honcho Jim Dolan. He still manages to offend people with his no-holds-barred approach to the media. He also built a loyal audience of “Stoolies” with his scores of podcasts, social media series and live events including the upcoming One Bite pizza festival. He’s as loved as he hated in media circles and thrives on both sentiments.

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