What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

What Your Lipstick Color Says About You the color of your lipstick tells a lot about your personality. It can reveal your true self or show the world how playful, sexy or serious you are.

If you wear pink lipstick, it shows that you are a sweet and kind person who loves to be loved. You’re a great listener and always there for your friends.


People who wear pink lipstick show that they’re playful and flirty by nature. They love to party and are always up for a good time. They’re also highly energetic and adventurous, which makes them great friends to have.

According to Kosich, if you choose a bright pink shade, it showcases your fun and carefree personality. You’re a girly girl who loves to dress up and be glammed up. You’re also empathetic and compassionate.

On the other hand, choosing a pastel pink shade shows that you’re a gentle and kind person. You’re a nurturer who always has your family and friends’ backs. You’re also a natural optimist who loves to see the best in people. This is a great shade to wear on your first date as it gives the impression that you’re generous and undemanding.


People who wear orange lipstick tend to be more fun-loving. They like to take risks and have a sense of adventure. They don’t feel the need to stick to the norms and prefer to go their own way.

Mauve is a softer shade of purple and suggests that you are a powerful woman who likes to be in control. Your independence makes you low maintenance and a great choice for someone who needs a supportive friend.

If you choose fuchsia, it shows that you’re flirty and energetic. You’re the life of the party and love to be the center of attention. You can light up a room with your smile. You also have a mischievous side and love to play with others. You’re a true femme fatale.


People who love red lipstick often have a fiery personality and are confident. They aren’t afraid to make bold choices and will always go for what they believe in. They have a strong sense of independence and will never let others down. Can be fiercely protective of their family and friends.

What Your Lipstick Color Says About You
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Similarly, wearing pink lipstick showcases your playful side. You’re a girly girl with a mischievous nature. You’re vivacious, energetic and have a creative side too.

A neutral lipstick shade such as nude or shades that resemble your skin tone can indicate that you prefer to be natural and subtle. This may come across as shy or reserved at first but it is actually a highly intelligent and practical person who does not like to be the center of attention.


According to experts, if you choose to wear a taupe shade of lipstick it says that you like to connect with the world around you on a deeper level. You prefer real experiences over shallow ones and you seek meaning in everything you do. You’re also a dependable person.

The experts say that if you favor light pink shades of lipstick you’re a sweet and gentle person but you have a little bit of sassiness under your surface too. You’re a natural nurturer and you love to help bring happiness to those closest to you. You’re also a great mediator thanks to your calm demeanour and empathetic nature. Your friends and family trust you to keep them safe and sound when they need you.


If you wear peach lipstick, it reveals that you are a kind person. You care for your friends and family deeply, and you love to share your energy and love with them. You are also a great mediator when it comes to your friends’ problems.

People who choose pink shades often have a playful side to their personalities. They’re bubbly and energetic, and they make sure to light up the room whenever they’re around!

Women who choose red lipstick are bold and confident. They don’t shy away from taking risks and aiming for the stars. They’re very ambitious and this drive will definitely take them far in life! They’re very sexy and charming, so they can easily get what they want from people.

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