Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner

Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner

Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner homeowners can go for a boutique-style shabby chic bathroom that looks aesthetically appealing. This bathroom design is easy to maintain and does not require any extraordinary cost.

For the walls, homeowners can try ice pink color that fits well with this bathroom style. One can even use victorian taps for the bathtub to give classy vibes.

1. Slipper Bathtub

A freestanding slipper bathtub is the perfect focal point to bring a shabby chic bathroom together. The bathtub’s slope design (visualize a high-heeled shoe) makes it comfortable to lean back in and relax.

Incredible Shabby Chic Bathroom Stunner
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Choose from single-ended or double-ended models that offer symmetrical sloping ends to tuck legs up comfortably. You can also find slipper tubs with or without feet, although those that stand on claw-style feet require more space.

2. Ice Pink

Ice Pink is a great color for those who want to add a hint of feminine flair to their home decor. This cool shade of pink can be used as an accent wall or for the entire bathroom. This color is also available in several types of Yeti drink ware. Ice Pink has the hex code #D4C2C5 and the RGB and CMYK codes are listed below.

3. Ladder

A ladder is both strong and aesthetically appealing, making it a perfect addition to any shabby chic bathroom. Homeowners can choose from a variety of ladder options, such as the Cosco Signature Series step ladder that includes project trays to hold tools and supplies. This model also comes with locking hinges to keep the ladder secure while you work. This ladder is a great option for replacing light bulbs and other small tasks around the home.

4. Boutique-Style

Shabby chic style is a unique bathroom design that is usually adorned with different furniture pieces. For example, a distressed chest that is stuffed with plenty of drawers can look incredible in a shabby chic bathroom. Homeowners can also use a wooden stool and a wire mesh basket to enhance the beauty of this style. These items should be mismatched to keep the shabby chic vibe intact.

5. Trailing Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper is undeniably stylish and can suit a variety of interior styles, from deep and dark to more contemporary and modern. Trailing floral designs are particularly popular and a wonderful way to add a sense of escapism and nature into any space. Choose a trailing floral design like the Botanical Atlas by Liberty and team it with distressed console tables or rustic chairs to create an elegant dressing area.

6. Distressed Chest

The shabby chic bathroom looks incredible with distressed furnishings like chests. Crafty homeowners can add a wire mesh basket or a wooden stool so next to the distressed bathtub for keeping essential utilities in one place.

This hand-applied, rustic mango finish features natural wood grain patterning and coloring that will vary. It accommodates a 5 x 7 photo and can be personalized with LifeSymbols or Display Medallion designs, as well as 1 Family Choices design feature.

7. Wire Mesh Basket

If a boutique-style shabby chic bathroom design is a must, a wire mesh basket can be a perfect addition. Crafty homeowners can use nose pliers to secure the corners and add an artistic touch with a bow. So they should choose springs instead of lacing wire to keep the sides up. They can also get these at wholesale prices. They come in various lengths and sizes to fit different spaces.

8. Rustic Chair

Rustic farmhouse decor is one of today’s hottest decorating trends. But you don’t have to live in the country or have a barn full of rusty tools to connect with this design aesthetic.

You can incorporate rustic elements into your bathroom without sacrificing modern functionality. Adding a rustic chair to your room will give your bathroom an incredible shabby chic look that’s undeniably classy.

9. Attic Bathroom

Attic bathrooms tend to be narrow spaces, but they can also feature plenty of space-saving ideas. This attic bathroom by Kathleen Walsh Interiors takes advantage of a sloped ceiling with two bowl-style sinks on a table-style vanity.

It’s design 101 that mirrors help expand small spaces, so hang them liberally in an attic bathroom to give the room more visual surface area. A light flooring-colored tile floor also helps the room feel bright and airy.

10. Vibrant Wallpaper

A vibrant wallpaper can add an exotic touch to the shabby chic bathroom. You can go for a floral pattern or a tropical print to create a gorgeous visual effect in your bathing space. You can so add a distressed console table and a rustic chair to complete the look. The combination of modern and old-looking furniture will look amazing in the shabby chic bathroom.

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